East meets West

Murali Teliki has established a unique approach towards alleviation of pain and healthy living. His hands on therapies  are tailored to each individual.
He believes in the concept of  holistic health with preference to elimination and assimilation.
The so called supplements are only secondary  to having a healthy gut. “The gut affects our physical, mental and emotional well being.
Murali has a special interest with "Gut" in general and "Gut Flora" in particular. His expertise in combing herbs, detox, massage, diet and yogic techniques are all east meeting west.

Ayurvedic Cooking

The primary goals of an Ayurvedic cooking are health, healing, and harmony. Ayurvedic cooking becomes an ongoing practice of creating balance throughd food, every day and with every meal.

Preparing Ayurvedic food in this manner isn’t difficult, and rewards our pallets with delicious dishes, juices, and drinks. At the same time, we’ll be nurturing and healing our body and mind, removing toxins, and getting the most nutrition from the foods we eat.

This type of Ayurvedic cooking will teach you about the qualities of different foods, such
as warming, cooling, cleansing, dry, oily, etc. and the process of choosing our food and creating our menu’s will become more and more intuitive.


Naturopathy is known to help with Chronic Fatigue Inner city pollution Workplace and lifestyle stress Digestive problems IBS Reflux Chrohns, Arthritis Sore throats and low immunity to colds and flu. We aim to offer a variety of natural hands on treatment methods to support a busy lifestyle.

A Healthy Community

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world.